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Claims Professionals

Using our Interview and assessment tools ensures the quality of our candidates. In addition to claims professionals, we also offer claims support staff. Our pre-hire process is the most dependable, complete, and secure in the claims industry.

Insurance Jobs

Our expertise is insurance. We know how to match claims professionals with insurance companies, third-party administrators and self-insured employers. You can request either a high level claims professional or an entry-level support staffer.  Let us do the hard work.

Job Matching

First of all is our mantra “Quality over Quantity. As a result, we match and verify the candidate’s skills and abilities with job orders.Therefore, we are confident that we will ensure the best placement the industry has to offer.

ASA Certification

asa,american staffing association,certification

American Staffing Association: From the industry’s leading professional association comes the industry’s most noteworthy and respected professional credentials.  Therefore, an ASA staffing certification programs is designed to cultivate the expertise and professionalism it takes to be a top practitioner in the staffing and recruiting industry.  As a result, ProTemps joins the ranks of the most respectable professionals.

CSP Certificate

csp,certified staffing professional,asa certified

Certified Staffing Professional: Especially relevant is that the CSP program covers rigorous content. As a result, it becomes an overarching credential that covers essential labor and employment law from a staffing perspective; therefore the CSP covers federal law and state law for a selected state. Consequently no other certification program delves as deeply into the topics that matter most to staffing professionals.

TSC Certificate

tsc,technical services certificate,asa certified

Technical Services Certified: This is more noteworthy as it is for staffing professionals who work in technical, information technology, and scientific staffing. The TSC program features all of the rigorous content in the CSP program, in addition to the subject areas—per diem rules, worker classification, and H1-B visas. Therefore, anyone who earns the TSC credential automatically earns the CSP credential, too.

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Insurance Temporary Staffing jobs for insurance companies, third-party administrators and self-insured employers.

Workers’ Compensation

Property & Casualty

Auto Liability

Commercial Lines


Medical Coding

Clerical / Administrative

Accounting / Finance


Insurance temporary staff candidates are qualified. They can start employment at an accelerated pace.

Claims Examiners

Claims Managers

Senior Examiners

Ratings Specialists

Claims Assistants

File Clerks

Data Entry Clerks

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